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Born in my dreams and refusing to be stillborn over 18 months, I gathered a team of fellow travellers and voila, here it is. 

Like any baby, it has wrinkles, cries a lot and costs me sleep time but also makes me want to live and reach out to my world.  There are 5 zones that I want to focus on: men, children, chronic conditions, young persons, managing moods. 

‘Men’ because I had a lot of trouble discovering how to be one;

‘Children’ as they always seem to follow me around, first as a teacher and then a psychotherapist;

‘Chronic Conditions’  because I have MS for what seems forever; ‘Managing Moods’ because I work as a psychotherapist / mind coach and, surprise surprise, myself have borderline personality disorder from my teens; finally, my favourite because they’re the trickiest,

‘Young Persons’, as I have worked with them (teens and young adults) and it’s been a blast - love them to bits! Simply put, I’m putting out there what I know about and flows in my veins.  I’m really hoping you join me on this wee journey. 

Jim Sheehy M.Ed.,  MIACP

Works as a psychotherapist and clinical supervision in private practice;   Life-skills trainer in schools, workplace and communities.

Special training in trauma and relational attachment issues.

Integrative counselling style: CBT, DBT, EMDR, Gestalt, Sensorimotor,



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Jim Sheehy M.Ed. MIACP
Co Donegal 
F94 WV99

087 2137922



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