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Hi.  My name is Jim Sheehy.  I live in a very beautiful part of the world here in Donegal, Ireland.  I work as a psychotherapist and life-skills trainer. This weekly blog is based on a project I’m starting called reallyhuman.ie. I have worked with individuals in therapy over many years, helping them in their healing and recovery.  I also present workshops in schools and communities around developing skills in managing life-issues and moods read more


Blog 18: Decision Making
12 Sep 2019 07:30Blog 18: Decision Making

Hi.  My name is Jim Sheehy.  This is reallyhuman.ie and this blog is about decision-making.  One of the most important parts of being healthy is the capacity to make good decisions.   It involves using every part of our brain.  We ask our memory if we ever made a decision like this before.  Our imagination is asked to ‘think outside the box’ for creative solutions.  Our reasoning part of the brain works on the costs and benefits in making  [ ... ]

Blog 17: Anxiety Part Two
05 Sep 2019 07:15Blog 17: Anxiety Part Two

This blog continues our conversation around anxiety we began in blog 8. I am asked if anxiety can be genetic.  Certainly, but like any condition, you can work and learn to manage it.  There’s usually a ‘worrier’ in every family, the one who overthinks and imagines the worst.  Almost a lifestyle choice where the person has a grid through which s/he sifts every piece of experience and information.  There is no harm in this as long as worry do [ ... ]

Blog 16: Children and Mindfulness
29 Aug 2019 07:47Blog 16: Children and Mindfulness

Last week, I was working in secondary schools training prefects and peer mentors.  I mentioned to them how students are increasingly under pressure in their friendship groups to take drugs.  So why are drugs today like ‘smoking cigarettes’ when I was a teenager.  Drugs are taken initially as a way of stimulating or relaxing the brain, uppers and downers.  So, what the teenagers are searching for in the ‘fix / hit’ are ways of manipulating  [ ... ]

Blog 15: A Carers World
22 Aug 2019 06:23Blog 15: A Carers World

Hi. My name is Jim Sheehy.  This is reallyhuman.ie and this podcast is about the World of Carers. A couple of months ago, I had a bad Monday morning.  Despite taking precautions, I had a bladder accident coming out of swimming which meant ‘home and change’!  My mood was livid and black.  Maire, my wife and carer, was in the car as I ranted my way around the ‘What’s the point … why bother trying’ foggy swamp zone.   The VICTIM!  Wha [ ... ]

Blog 14: Working with Dreams Part 2
09 May 2019 07:15Blog 14: Working with Dreams Part 2

Hi.  My name is Jim Sheehy.  This is reallyhuman.ie and this blog is on working with dreams part 2. Can I start by asking you to whizz back and remind yourself what I said in Part 1 of Working with Dreams. Great.  Thank you for doing that.  Can I also ask you if you have started remembering pieces of your dreams.  If so, have you ‘played’ with what they ‘symbolise’, what that character represents for you, or that event in the dream like [ ... ]

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