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Being a man today is confusing, exciting, terrifying. Confusing because how we see ourselves as men has been completely transformed in the past 50 years.  My Dad saw himself as a protector, provider, citizen of State and Church.  I see myself as communicator, flexible and insecure. 

Exciting times as we men are talking and listening more to the potential inside our skins and heads and outside of ourselves as we interact in a world going like a bullet-train.  We need to get ‘down and dirty’ in the swamps and fog of sharing our fragility as well as standing tall because we are men who work hard, do our best in being partners and Dads and will always support our brothers on less-travelled trails.    

In upcoming presentations for men, we’re going to look at identity, purpose, motivation and support network.  These are the four legs of the table we all feed at.  I look forward to meeting with you again.


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