Young Person's Zone

I work a lot with young persons in schools, colleges and communities.  Young persons have oceans of potential; they see dreams of who they can be, where they can travel, what skills they can master.  Life can be kind or harsh in giving them the space and confidence to make those dreams a reality. 

Like a river-current, they are able to rush around some boulders in their way.  But, other times, the current meets too many obstacles, the water stops flowing, becomes stagnant, even smells. Very often, before they find that inner circle of friends, they go deep into ‘the cave’, often their bedroom. 

Their only company are the chatrooms and the online games and videos.  They often begin to draw, compose songs, write poems and stories that express their inside world of hurt, loss, need, desire.  I love the moment when young persons finish a part of their inner work. 

Their skin-tone changes, the hair and clothes are colourful and unique, they sit and walk with a light touch … people they know remark: ‘there is something different about you’. I look forward to sharing this zone with teenagers, young adults and in a special reserved space called ‘Grandad Jim’ – the children.


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