Blog 1:

Written by Jim Sheehy

Blog 1:

Hi.  My name is Jim Sheehy.  I live in a very beautiful part of the world here in Donegal, Ireland.  I work as a psychotherapist and life-skills trainer. 

This weekly blog is based on a project I’m starting called I have worked with individuals in therapy over many years, helping them in their healing and recovery.  I also present workshops in schools and communities around developing skills in managing life-issues and moods.   

So is a platform to have a discussion with four groups of people that fascinate and interest me: men, young persons, people living with chronic conditions and finally, anyone trying to manage mood or personality disorders.  No matter who you are, can I encourage you to pop into all the zones as much of what is presented touches our lives in some way or other.

So why these particular groups?

Perhaps start with the group: people who live with anxiety, depression, overwhelming feelings.  By the age of 15, I had a condition that today is termed Borderline Personality Disorder.  It involves a cluster of symptoms: anxiety, depression, overwhelming feelings, difficulty establishing intimate relationships.  In my body, at its core, was a huge hole which was always present, no matter how hard I tried to fill it in different ways.  I am now 61 and when I work with people with this condition or similar, I share ways I have found helpful in living with and managing issues that intrude on self-esteem, relationships and fulfilling goals.  For example, I know the empty hole at the very pit of my stomach is and will always be part of my being alive as Jim Sheehy.  So, I found that ‘planting trees, shrubs and flowers’ on the banks of the empty hole made life tolerable, even enjoyable.  By this planting, I mean discovering a few people who I absolutely believe in, love and trust; activities that are intense and passionate and that get me out of negative beliefs and thoughts about myself … but more in later weeks about this.

The second zone focuses on people with chronic physical and neurological conditions:  I sometimes term myself as ‘the disabled psychotherapist’ as I’ve lived with MS for over twenty years.  I have little or no movement down the right side of my body.  I work a lot with people who find themselves diagnosed with conditions that create feelings of great rage and a belief of ‘I am powerless, useless, a nuisance’.  Again, I speak from my own and others’ experience of grieving the loss of function and potential while stepping into a new zone of trying to make life meaningful with the condition.  We, even in the one day, can feel, think and act as a victim / survivor / warrior.  At 7 a.m. I struggle to shave and button my shirt (victim), at 9 a.m. I’m in a classroom filled with sprightly 13 year olds presenting (warrior) and at 4 p.m. I’m deeply asleep in an armchair recovering energy (survivor).  There is a sensitive balance operating by being both positive and honest in what is realistic and unique to the person living with the condition.  Again, more on this as the blogs and podcasts emerge.

The third zone is the zone featuring issues in the world of Men.  In therapy, I find men are sensitive, caring, eager to improve their communication and relational skills.  This zone focuses on the blocks they believe at first are insurmountable and sharing strategies and stories in opening doors that begin a fresh chapter in their lives. Imagine a group of men sharing stories around a campfire – let’s have a conversation in the next while and journey together.  

And last, but by no means least, the zone for young persons (and children).  I love working with children and adolescents – their honesty, zest for life, the swift and creative ways they work their way through issues before living life to the full again.  I will be focusing on current issues like anxiety, pressures from peers and/or school, communicating effectively, building resilience …  and much more.  My mantra when working with young persons is to ‘inspire, motivate and inform’  … so see how we get on.


Presentations on the 4 zones are also available on video and podcast – see

If you enjoy the material, please get the word out there among those you care for.  You can contact me with comment or suggestion via Facebook at Jim Sheehy Therapy and on Twitter @jimsheehy2017

Take care,


Clarifying Disclaimer:  While the material I am presenting is well-researched and suitable for the general population, I believe each person’s issues and needs are unique.  I encourage you to seek medical and/or therapeutic support if you struggle with an issue or condition that negatively and seriously impacts your life.




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